Who is responsible for cleaning out ditches and what do I do with the waste water?

    • A: The District operates and maintains water diversion to the high point of the original farm unit. HMID does not provide elective work outside of this scope. Ref 1.3
    • A: Water delivery, collection, ditches, and waste are the responsibility of the landowner or water association. HMID will perform work in emergency situations, with costs incurred being the responsibility of the landowner or association. HMID customers may request quotes for work outside of its scope, dependent on time of year and project scheduling. Ref 2.6.1

When do I get my Tax Assessments for the water I’ve used?

      • A: Yearly Tax Assessments are billed near the end of September. Any overages (water used above allotment that comes with your water right) will be billed at the end of October. Monthly water usage statements are sent out from May-Sept. We run on a yearly billing cycle. Ref Assessments in the By-laws

How do I order water?

        • A: Water cards are located at strategic locations throughout the District. These need to be filled out and returned to the same box location with all appropriate information. With turn ons being a 48hr and turn offs being a 24hr lead time.

How much do you charge per acre for water?

          • A: The rates can be found on your tax assessment form. HMID is a taxing authority in respect to being a managing partner for the B.O.R. Each individual unit is taxed based off of a calculation determined by class of ground and water rights attached therein, with relation to water usage. Therefore, every acre is unique in the way that it is assessed.

What does allotment mean and how will it affect me?

            • A: HMID has a responsibility to deliver water to the high point of the original farm unit, with strict guidelines spelled out in the regulations on deliveries of amounts. HMID allotment is 3cfs per 100 acres. The amount of water you receive is based on a calculation of your water rights in relation to the acreage at any given location, proportionate to available water. Any water usage above this calculation will receive an excess charge that can be found in the regulations. 2.5.2

What is needed for my WDP (Water Distribution Plan), or Subdivision?

        • A: Right-of-way easement to heart mountain irrigation district for operations and maintenance of open and closed drainage system; Regulation 43 U.S.C.A. section 945 reserved all patents right of ways for ditches and canals, pursuant to the Wyoming statute 17-12-103.
        • A: Any distribution of water beyond the original farm unit turnout shall be controlled by a “Water Users Association”; HMID Regulation 3.2.2
        • A: Subdivider and subdivisions will be required to implement a sprinkler only water plan for all users within the subdivision; HMID Regulation 3.2.4
        • A: Any person or persons subdividing or selling off a parcel of a farm unit containing land with water rights shall provide the district with a licensed surveyor plat containing right-of-way or easements for both irrigation water and return flows; HMID Regulation 3.3
        • A: This plat shall also list and define the irrigable land by land class, with the amount of irrigable acres for each class of land for each lot, tract or parcel.

What forms do I need if I am purchasing land for water rights?

        • A: New Landowner Transfer Form &
        • A: A Deed or other legal proof of ownership